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Multichannel Service

DigiSac gathers in a platform of the best digital channels. Talk to your customers on the main social media in an agile and managerial way.

Easy service management
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Easy service management

Answer through multiple channels in one place

DigiSac is a multichannel service platform that integrates, standardizes and manages service in your company. With WhatsApp (WABA), Telegram, Web Chat, SMS, all on the same screen, in departments and individual chats per attendant. Service with several simultaneous attendants for companies. It is a PBX for your communication in digital media.

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Agile service

Manage your customer service efficiently

The Digisac enables the management of conversations providing a solution to transform your service with total agility between the customer and his team.

View of real-time conversations for supervisors

View of real-time conversations for supervisors

Chat transfer

Chat transfer

Service statistics

Service statistics

Branching by departments and APs

Branching by departments and APs

Improve the results
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Improve the results

Improve your performance and increase customer satisfaction

With speed and integration with several digital channels, a DigiSac will help you to have the best performance and efficiency of your service time as a result.

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Internal and external communication

Optimize your performance in the Home Office

With DigiSac your company has a platform for integrating internal and external communication, for support and assistance, HelpDesk, in a simple and uncomplicated way.

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Multichannel Performance

Icon all channels together

All channels together

All contacts, from all channels on the same platform, easy to find, chat and manage.

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Make Transfers

Make transfers between your attendants simply and with records. Solutions in a single call and a satisfied customer.

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Bookmarks and Tags

Create bookmarks (Tags) for your contacts. You can apply as many Tags as you want in the same contact, creating multiple crosses.

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Switching Channels

Answer on Telegram, answer on Web Chat, send SMS and chat on Whatsapp, this allows dynamism for the service.

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Bulk Shipping

Sending to several contacts through your company's Telegram channel or by SMS, send as many messages as you want and receive the return on the platform. For WhatsApp see the WABA account.

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Bulk Receipt

Did you campaign by SMS or Telegram? With DigiSac you can capture the answers and distribute them among your team and have agility in the answers. Satisfied customers and more sales

Integrate with the best
service channels

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Discover the channels
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Do you need WhatsApp?

The most user-friendly multi-channel management platform on the market has the WhatsApp API, in partnership with a Positus and 360 dialog, to offer an incredible service experience between your company and your end users.

With a WABA account your company connects to the world through the WhatsApp API.

Learn more about WhatsApp API

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