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Integrate the best digital channels to chat with your customers on the main social media in an agile and managerial way. We assist you in the whole process.

Benefits of choosing Digisac



Here at DigiSac you do not pay to setup or install and you will have support from our team throughout the access process.



We follow your path constantly, so at DigiSac, you have training whenever you need it.



No cost!
Standard support from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 9pm, with a team prepared to answer all your questions.

Painel gerencial

Management panel

Have a real-time view of your calls

With the Digisac panel, the manager can carry out supervision, collect data, carry out team planning, see the performance of departments and attendants, verify and also export service by protocols, all in an easy and friendly interface.

Benefits of the Management Panel



Panel for administration and control for managing and viewing your calls, your most productive team.



Managers, supervisors and administrators can analyze data, perform team planning, see performance of departments and attendants.



Easy summary of important conversations, like closing deals, support and decisions.


service robot

Screen and organize your service flow

Create up to 3 levels of service and our team will help you configure if necessary. If your service has more specialties and is more complex, we have a team of experts to help with solutions, just talk to one of our consultants .

Benefits of Service Robots

Atendimento 24/7

24/7 support

Do you need to capture your contacts after hours? No problem, the Robot will assist in this work.



Serve all your customers with much more agility and don't leave contacts unanswered.



Direct the call to the desired department or to the user by the Robot automatically.

Digisac works together with you

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