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DigiSac integrates its WABA approved accounts, through its WhatsApp BSP

Advantages of connecting your WhatsApp to Digisac

verify account

Verified account

Have your company verified and officially certified by WhatsApp.

*depends on Facebook criteria
Account via Official BSP
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business api

Business Solutions API

With a WABA account, WhatsApp Business Account, the WhatsApp API, your company will be ready to receive all the traffic of messages from your customers, and with the Multi-User Platform of DigiSac your entire team will be integrated to receive all simultaneously. With a WABA account, WhatsApp Business Account, the WhatsApp API, your company will be ready to receive all the traffic of messages from its customers, and with the Multi-User Platform of DigiSac, your entire team will be integrated to receive all calls. , simultaneously.

Confiança garantida

Guaranteed Trust

With the official and verified WhatsApp your company will have more security in the connection and less risk of bans by the app!

Maior escabilidade

Greater Stability

The connection will no longer need a mobile device, with the WABA account it is made directly through the WhatsApp API, which allows greater stability for the connections.

Know the plans

Advantages of having a PBX for customer service

Ícone setup

Free setup

All contacts, from all channels on the same platform, easy to find, chat and manage.

Ícone transfer

Integration with departments

Make transfers between your attendants simply and with records. Solutions in a single ticket and a satisfied customer.

Ícone chart

Performance analysis

Create labels (Tags) for your contacts. You can apply as many Tags as you want in the same contact, creating multiple crosses.

Ícone change channel

Individual chats

Answer on Telegram, answer on Web Chat, send SMS and chat on WhatsApp, this allows dynamism for the service.

Ícone receive

Agility in attendance

Sending to several contacts through your company's Telegram channel or by SMS, send as many messages as you like and receive feedback on the platform.

Ícone broadcast

Bulk uploads

Did you campaign by SMS or Telegram? With DigiSac you can capture the answers and distribute them among your team and have agility in the answers. Satisfied customers and more sales


How to find your customer via WhatsApp

Why choose WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is spread around the world

2 billion users, in over 180 countries, in 60 languages, larger than Facebook, owner of the App.

App darling in Brazil

WhatsApp has more than 120 million users across the country.

Current scenario

On more than 90% of smartphones in Brazil the WhatsApp App is installed.

I use it extensively

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in Brazil, 79% of Brazilians make daily use of the App and in addition to communicating with their contacts they use it to obtain information.

mapa do brasil
humanized service

Humanized service

With the DigiSac Platform solution with a WhatsApp API (WABA) account, your company will achieve what its customers want in service, fast WhatsApp service with high flow capacity. And the result, well-served customers with satisfaction and great evolution in its sales and brand.

message hsm

Use the robot to give the answer requested by your customer

With the DigiSac Robot your customer can make appointments or be transferred to an attendant immediately. Your customer will love the agility and ease of service on your WhatsApp.

robot chat




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