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frequently asked questions

How does Digisac work?

DigiSac is a multi-channel platform that integrates, in a single place, the conversations of your main digital messaging channels and also enables the branching of messages between your team and their departments. It is a complete solution that allows full management of messages by supervisors, real-time access, performance analysis, extensive organization of your services and much more! With DigiSac you can quickly and conveniently perform your company's digital service.

How many users can I register?

You will be able to register in the same service URL of 2 for more than a hundred simultaneous attendants. And all attendants will already be in all connected channels that you added in your communication structure, just enable and activate the connection. To have more than 15 users on your WhatsApp connection, you need a WABA account, consult with our team. And for more than 150 users we can develop a special environment, also on request.

How does email integration work?

As a connection like other channels, creating the connection through your email provider. We have some integration providers available in the market. Consult our team to see if your server is integrated with our Platform. Gsuite and Hotmail are not yet integrated.

Do you have mass shooting? For prospecting or already clients?

Yes, there is mass shooting on the Platform. Through the SMS and WhatsApp channel, this one has a WABA account (official) through pre-approved templates on Facebook. Mass sendings to Telegram will soon be available . For the time being, promotions can be sent through your channel, as long as you have already created it.

Does the Platform transfer between agents and departments?

Yes, the Platform makes the transfer between attendants and also between departments. You can transfer to an attendant or send to another department's queue, this organizes your service among your entire company. In addition, you can place a customer to be served directly by a department or a specific attendant. The Platform helps in adapting your service model, streamlining the process of receiving and directing your customer.

Do I need a cell phone?

In some connections you need a cell phone. Some just for activation and others to stay connected. For more details contact our team. In WhatsApp connections we provide official accounts so you don't need phones cell phones, and even with an official WhatsApp account, your company will be ready to serve through this channel and your customer will feel more secure.
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Do you need WhatsApp?

The most user-friendly multi-channel management platform on the market has the WhatsApp API, in partnership with a Positus and 360 dialog, to offer an incredible service experience between your company and your end users.

With a WABA account your company connects to the world through the WhatsApp API.

Learn more about WhatsApp API

How can we improve?

Send suggestions to our team, we are listening to our customers for continuous improvement on the platform.

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